Friday, June 3, 2011

Back in the Game

I am finally starting to find my groove in running again!  I basically had to start all over again with running after my injury but I finally ran 4 miles last Saturday and then Tuesday and Thursday of this week I ran about 3 3/4 of a mile.  My pace is much slower now as well.  Before my injury I was averaging about a 10 minute mile and even faster during races.  Now I am averaging an 11 minute mile and I feel like I am pushing myself to get that done.  I know that it is just going to take a little time before I get back to were I was and I am just praying I can go a while without any injuries.  I have incorporated a dynamic stretch program before I run and I make sure to do a lot of long and slow stretches when I get done.  Another difference in my running is that I have had to adapt to running in the evening.  Dave has had to go into work super early the last couple of weeks and I would need to run at 3 am if I wanted to run in the morning.  The winter was nice because it didn't really matter what time of day I ran because there was no beating sun to worry about.  I have tried running at 10 in the morning and it was already too hot.  I have also tried 5 pm and that was still too hot as well.  So now I try and go at around 7 or 8 pm and it has usually cooled down enough to not be completely miserable.  I don't mind sweating and the heat, but the sun beating down on you while you run is just a feeling I cannot overcome. 
I am not sure when I will run another 5k but I have been invited to participate in 2 different marathons towards the end of the year.  I am not sure if I am going to do them because I just don't know if I will have that much time to devote to running.  I would love to try, but we shall see!